Nocturnes (drawing the dancing light)

Those of you who have followed my work for some time, have probably noticed my drawings have become increasingly dark this year. I’d like to let you know that these very dark drawings do not signify depression and nor are they about “discovering our inner darkness” as a friend suggested earlier this week. Quite the opposite. What I have been doing is observing.. that even in a dimly lit room or outdoors at night, if you take some time to allow your eyes to adjust.. you begin to see that there IS still light.. and you begin to see where its falling, where its dancing… how it caresses skin and smooths turbulent waters.

That’s how I like to spend my time alone… searching for every nuance of light and shade.. and drawing is my way of sharing those observations with you.


noun: nocturne; plural noun: nocturnes

  1. Music – a short composition of a romantic nature, typically for piano
  2. Art – a picture of a night scene

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